28 Day Challenge Mind-Body-Soul Transformation Series

Weekly Workouts, Guided Meditations, Recipes, Detox, Wellness Motivation & More

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The 28 Day Challenge is a complete body transformation system designed to get you maximum results in minimal Time. The program includes 28 days of workouts, motivational videos before each workout, a meal plan, and a lifestyle transformation guide so that you can keep and continue to improve on your results. These three components will put you on the fast track to stunning results. See 25 Stunning 28 Day Transformations

1. THE WORKOUT My goal is to give you the most effective, total body transformation workout system. Every workout is jam pack with the most effective; science based training techniques available, making the best use of your time. Every workout includes: Abdominal work, Muscle building and toning, Interval training to blast body fat and build. See below for the science.

2. THE MEAL PLAN The fat blasting, meal plan is specifically designed to work with the workout, putting you on the fast track to blast away your body fat, while providing you with the energy to give your absolute best. The plan is a low carb, low sugar, low fat plan that comes with meal suggestions and recipes.


If you are part of the ReSOULutions program, for six days a week over the next 28 Days you will also be receiving with guided meditations, mindset motivations and wellness tips. They are designed to ReSHAPE your body, ReFOCUS your mind and ReFRESH your soul. Each day I will motivate you and give you strategies to stay on track, find peace, set your intentions, lose weight and get healthy. I will make sure that you have the confidence you need to get through each day.

My commitment to you is that the next 28 days and beyond will transform your lifestyle in a positive, healthy way. I will give you all the tools you need to understand the root of this transformation so you can continue your success well beyond your completion of the program.

Everything in my program is geared toward your success. Each day has eye-opening questions,tips and enlightening principles to help you dive deeper and make the strategies you learn an integral part of your life.


The 28 Day Challenge is a cutting edge fusion of interval training, weight training and secret body-sculpting techniques that have produced jaw-dropping results! The science-based, clinically proven techniques used in this program are used by Olympians, professional athletes and bodybuilders.

Selective Sequencing: The exercise selection method and workout progression techniques are proprietary. Our secret method enables you to master basic muscle toning and building movements with correct form; supercharging your results.

Fierce Form.

You will learn how to use the fierce form principles to maximize your results. Correct form; increases the effectiveness of your muscle toning and fat burning while reducing the possibility of injury. Good form can make you look taller, your waistline appear thinner, your legs look longer and your shoulders broader. Using this principle you will learn the secret of losing 1 inch in one minute.

Interval Training

Interval training is a technique that alternates between short bursts of high intensity activity followed by short rest periods or low intensity activity. You get better results than traditional cardio training in a fraction of the time. Your body's fat burning activity will be in an elevated state for hours after your workout. You will get lean quicker, burn fat faster, improve your heart health dramatically and increase your endurance exponentially.

Your Instructor

Robert Brace
Robert Brace

Known in the fitness community as the Mind-Body-Soul Connector and selected by Verywell.com as one of the top one hundred voices in wellness for 2020, Robert Brace is a celebrity wellness expert, motivational speaker, former soloist ballet dancer and star of the Food Network’s weight-loss reality show “Fat Chef.”

In 2008, he founded what is now known as Brace Life Studios (BLS), New York’s destination for mind-body transformation. As a visionary fitness expert, he has the innate ability and personal mission to help people connect the dots between mind, body and soul. Brace believes that true fitness begins within and that by infusing “inner work” with physical workouts, his clients are able to realize substantial and sustainable results. Brace’s 360-degree approach to fitness is based on his own journey and multifaceted background in dance and ministry.

While attending college on a dance scholarship, he experienced a terrible back injury. Facing the potential loss of his scholarship, Brace discovered a process to heal quickly and returned to peak performance. His personal transformation serves as the foundation for the principles used in his signature “28-Day Challenge” private training program. At the core of all of Brace’s teachings are innovative exercises that reinforce mindfulness, spiritual nutrition and intelligent body work. He is also the creator of the Ballet Burn Out workout and Brace Supermodel Ballet Body Workout which he launched with client and Victoria Secret Model, Alicia Rountree.

Robert is also an ordained minister and author of “The Magic” a celebration of the wellness journeys of women of color.

An accomplished motivational speaker, Brace has inspired thousands with his story and engaging workshops. Additionally, as an ordained minister, he has delivered Spirit-led health and wellness seminars to various non-profit organizations and congregations. Robert has shared his knowledge on media outlets such as the Good Morning America, The View, The Food Network, Shape Magazine, Self Magazine, New York Daily News, Bloomberg Business week, & B.E.T.com

When he’s not guiding clients toward whole body wellness, Brace enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and two daughters.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and finishes in the next thirty days. So get to it. After you finish we have new exciting content to help you keep your transformation and take it even higher. We are going to be friends for a long time!!!
How long do I have access to the course?
For the next thirty days..But don't worry we won't leave you hanging. You will have the change to get more exciting new content.
How Can I Find Out More & Train In Your Studio
We would l love to answer your questions and have you come for a visit. Simply go to www.bracelifestudios.com and fill out the form on our contact us page and we can continue the journey offline.

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